1996 Final Peace Agreement Pdf

The REGIONAL ARMM government continues to assert that the CCA violated the peace agreement by unilaterally controlling Mindanao`s natural resources. The review of the 2002 ARMM budget provides no evidence that MRAM has been able to increase its revenues from natural resource development or reporting companies operating in the region. The total budget of the ARMM in 2002 was 14.3 billion pesos (about $342 million). ARMM`s tax revenues amounted to 2 million pesos (approximately $48 thousand). For this reason, 99,985 of the ARMM budget came from the CCA in 2002, while 0.01 came from direct regional taxation1. The Muslim (or Moro) and Lumad indigenous peoples, who are now overtaken by the „mostly encrusted Filipinos“ – the predominantly Christian descendants of 20th-century settlers in the northern and central Philippines – claim to have rights over their traditional land and themselves. The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) used a war of independence in the 1970s after Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed martial law. Meanwhile, a Communist-led rebellion spread from the northern Philippines to Mindanao and attracted many Filipinos, especially among poor rural areas, and some lumades in the New People`s Army (NPA). [7] The 1996 final peace agreement divided the implementation mechanism of the 1976 Tripoli Agreement into two phases: a 2006 report by the OIC Secretary-General examines the points of discussion on the status of the important provisions communicated by the MNLF and the CCA, but the ICO does not make independent judgments on the basis of verification acts. From 1996 to 2005, there was no evidence of an annual or periodic review of implementation by the OIC or its working group, the OIC Peace Committee for the southern Philippines.

Eleven years after the agreement, the OIC reported on each party`s competing demands. Mara Stankovitch and Andy Carl presented the issue of the agreement and focused on the negotiations between the Philippine government and the MNLF, the consequences of the 1996 peace agreement and the prospects for a gradual transition to greater autonomy that it outlined.

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