Does T Mobile Buy Out Contracts

If you`re considering switching to T-Mobile from another carrier, you might be wondering if the company offers a contract buyout option. The good news is that T-Mobile does offer this service, making it easier for customers to make the switch to their network.

When you switch to T-Mobile, you can have up to $650 paid off by T-Mobile for your Early Termination Fee or outstanding balance on your installment plan. However, there are some conditions that must be met:

– You must port your number to T-Mobile and trade in your device.

– The amount of your old carrier`s Early Termination Fee or the balance of your installment plan must be less than or equal to $650.

– You must submit your final bill from your previous carrier, including the Early Termination Fee or balance of your installment plan, within 2 months of switching to T-Mobile.

It`s important to note that T-Mobile will not pay off any taxes, other fees, or charges that are not part of your Early Termination Fee or installment plan balance. Additionally, you can only take advantage of this offer once per line.

If you`re interested in switching to T-Mobile but are unsure if you qualify for their contract buyout offer, you can use their online tool to check your eligibility. You`ll need to provide information about your current carrier, your device, and your account balance.

Overall, if you`re looking to switch to T-Mobile, their contract buyout offer can make the transition easier and more affordable. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and provide all the necessary information to take advantage of this service.

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